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DOCOMOMO ISC ET is one of the four International Specialist Committees of DOCOMOMO International, comprised of specialists in modern architecture, urbanism, theory and landscape. Our committee concentrates on the unquestionable and fundamental relationship between education, theoretical approaches and the preservation of modern monuments.

We believe that education and theory are fundamental at present because of what preservation of modern buildings is currently facing.

Through a thorough understanding of the history, theory and ideology that lays behind old buildings, it will be possible to assure their protection beyond time, especially as significant buildings are not yet quite seen as heritage.

This is particularly true for modern architecture where its complexity and significance still has not yet been widely understood or appreciated. DOCOMOMO, which promotes the preservation and conservation of modern monuments in all its aspects, should seek to disseminate its ideas, views and values to those involved in teaching preservation at institutions of higher learning and build on the ever increasing academia in this matter.


This website has been made possible thanks to the participation of Lorena Perez of DOCOMOMO Chile, secretary of the ISC Theory+Education; Angela Wheeler, Masters Candidate at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation,  Historic Preservation Program; and Angelica Martinez, Masters Candidate at Pratt Institute’s Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development, Historic Preservation Program. 

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